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One in 28 American children has a parent behind bars.  However, fewer than half of imprisoned mothers visit with their children since going to prison.
Federal law currently requires a mandatory minimum sentence of five years for a first-time, non-violent drug offense.
75% of women in prison are mothers. Two-thirds of these women have children under the age of 18.
Over 60% of mothers in prison are incarcerated more than 100 miles from their children, making visitation difficult, financially prohibitive and often impossible.
80% of defendants cannot afford a lawyer. Tens of thousands of people go to jail every year without ever talking to a lawyer or going to trial.
42% of prisoners surveyed are receiving no religious influence of any kind in American jails and prisons today. About one third of the prison population have requested information on Satanism.
“I can’t believe this is happening.”  If you are 18 and you give marijuana to your 17 year old friend you can be punished in a state prison for 3-5 years.

“Prison is the only home we’ll ever have.”  Life Without Parole is a living death. No matter how good we become, it won’t matter.  

The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me,

The Lord has anointed me to bring good news to the poor;

He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted,

To proclaim liberty to the captives.  Isaiah 61.1

Brother’s Keeper Ministry responds to hundreds of requests from prisoners and their families: For wisdom, encouragement, and prayer —a new beginning with the Word of God.

Nearly fifty percent of prisoners are repeat offenders.
They need to hear that only Jesus can change lives.


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Screen Shot 2016-01-02 at 2.05.32 PM Our History:  Virginia Sanderson founded Brother’s Keeper Ministry, Inc. over 20 years ago to give prisoners and families hope during and after incarceration.  By distributing Bibles, correspondence Bible studies, and newsletters, Virginia’s kindness encouraged thousands of prisoners. At its peak, the ministry sent over 5000 newsletters monthly and had multiple supportive ministries for families.  Many times, volunteers would be by someone’s side at the court hearings.  In 2016, Brother’s Keeper Ministry launched its first website, as well as an archive project to digitize some of the best-loved newsletters.  Virginia, who turns 83 years in April, is eager to see the ministry grow and have more help with administrative expenses. She has been a tireless servant, but the needs are greater than ever.  We hope you’ll become a Brother’s Keeper Ministry Partner today!

We Need You.

Brother’s Keeper Ministry brings hope to prisoners and their families.  Won’t you join with us to make a difference?
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Virginia Sanderson

Meet Virginia Sanderson

What can one person do? Virginia’s compassion for prisoners is borne out of her generosity of faith in Jesus Christ.  She has stepped forward to give of herself because of the immense love God has poured into her.  Through tragedy, trials, and tested perseverance, she tells an unforgettable story of how each of us is needed to do our part.  What makes Virginia unique?  She would say: only Jesus.

Faith the size of a postage stamp.  Sometimes money for one stamp or one Bible or one encouraging card helps communicate the love of Jesus.  Virginia sees the simple needs that will have profound impact.
What does Jesus see? Whatever you do for a prisoner, Jesus considers it your gift to Him, according to Matthew 25.
All prisoners and their families have stories of heartbreak. Not all prisoners are criminals.  Not all prisoners are evil.
Brother’s Keeper Ministry is about doing simple things to bring the Light of Christ to prisoners and their families for lasting change.

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Virginia invites you to be a part of her first online audience as she shares from her heart.

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Learn how Relational Wisdom 360 can increase your godly wisdom and emotional intelligence to help prevent unhealthy choices, conflicts, and crime.

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Coming back here has really been hard on my children and me.  My 11 year old son is with my mom and is very angry.  I am seeking the Lord like I never have before.  I’m tired of sin in my life that has robbed me of my youth and children.  The Lord is showing me another way to live and I know He is with me.”    P.D. Chowchilla

I’ve been in and out of jail and prison most of my life.  I ran from God each time through my stupidity and fears that I can’t explain. In 2004 I accepted the Lord as my personal Savior and my belief and acceptance still stands strong.”  V.D. Tehachapi

“I couldn’t stay out of trouble and was arrested for a gun and drugs.  So much for doing things my way.  Now I spend time in God’s Word and it has shown me how God changes people on the inside.  I have found a better way – God’s Way.”  O.H. Tehachapi

“I’ve come back to the Lord after many years of backsliding and self-delusion.  I know the Lord loves me and protects me daily.  I was shot 5 times and survived.  I’ve known in real terms the love of our Lord since that time.”   Imperial

“Thank you for all you do to make our day go by with the Word of God.  It opened my eyes and I see what life is all about now.  I know I made mistakes and I thank Jesus for dying in my place.”   Avenal, CA

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